Nanominer - changelog

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Changelog Nanominer


v3.3.13 / release 05.10.21

  • Significantly improved Ergo (Autolykos2) performance (~10%) on Nvidia Turing GPUs (RTX 16xx, RTX 20xx, CMP 30HX);
  • Reduced Ergo (Autolykos2) power consumption on Nvidia GPUs.

v3.3.12 / release 23.09.21

  • Added Verthash for AMD GPUs;
  • Fixed Raven on Nvidia with 470.57 Linux driver (default driver for SMOS);
  • Warn user if hardware accelerated GPU scheduling is not enabled;
  • Reduced stale shares on Raven;
  • Fixed crash when started with some AMD GCN3 and elder GPUs;

v3.3.11 / release 18.09.21
Fixed invalid ETH shares issue on some Nvidia RTX30xx.

v3.3.10 / release 15.09.21

  • Fixed Raven invalid shares issue for some Nvidia RTX 30xx GPUs;
  • Fixed ETH performance tuning issue for some Nvidia RTX 30xx GPUs;
  • Returned launch with command line arguments. Config files still working.

v3.3.9 / release 10.09.21

  • Raven (Kawpow) performance improvements for Nvidia Pascal, Turing and Ampere GPUs (about +1.5%);
  • Ergo (Autolykos2) performance improvements for Nvidia Pascal (1% - 3%);
  • Improved connection stability for China users;
  • Set fan speed option;

v3.3.8 / release 12.08.21

  • Fixed kawpow for some users under HiveOS;
  • Fixed incorrect shares on some XMR jobs due to wrong blob length.

v3.3.7 / release 09.07.21

  • Fixed issues with auto-update;
  • Improved network stability.

v3.3.6 / release 28.06.21
Added option maxRejectedShares: set the maximum amount of rejected shares before restarting miner process/rebooting the rig.

3.3.5 / release 27.04.21
Fixed “Unknown GPU name” issue with new AMD drivers.

3.3.4 / release 09.04.21
Faster dataset creation for Ergo on AMD RX 4xx and 5xx series (autolykos2 algorithm).

3.3.3 / release 01.04.21

  • Faster dataset creation for Ergo (autolykos2 algorithm);
  • Added zombie mode for Ergo on 2 Gb GPUs both Nvidia and AMD;
  • Fixed issues with shardpool (Zilliqa).

3.3.2 / release 16.03.21
Autolykos performance improvements about 40% for AMD Vega family (RX Vega 56, RX Vega 64, Radeon VII).

v3.3.1 / release 10.03.21

  • Added dual Raven + Zilliqa; Example of config.ini for dual Raven with Zilliqa:
coin = RVN
wallet = RRL5mMNeox75MGbqnfUZEhn3RferuvFGcy

wallet = zil1rpxnv479xy9c2jlgry3wy3869rnt4rjvjwjtuv
zilEpoch = 0 ; number of DAG epoch for caching
pool1 =
  • Fixed an issue with 2Miners pool.

v3.3.0 / release 09.03.21

  • Added dual with Zilliqa for coins:
    • Ethereum;
    • Ethereum Classic;
    • Conflux;
    • Ergo.

Examples of config.ini for dual with Zilliqa:

wallet = 9he6BZYMN8FMKxYKsqPvQJ6fbNar4bWuhJsR9JJt4x9Z6fiqSo1

wallet = zil1rpxnv479xy9c2jlgry3wy3869rnt4rjvjwjtuv
zilEpoch = 0 ; number of DAG epoch for caching
pool1 =

wallet = zil1rpxnv479xy9c2jlgry3wy3869rnt4rjvjwjtuv
zilEpoch = 0 ; number of DAG epoch for caching
pool1 =
  • Reduced dev fee on Ergo: 5% -> 2.5%;
  • Fixed memClocks and coreClocks on NVidia;
  • Removed Pascal Coin;

v3.2.2 / release 12.02.21
Fixed Autolykos for AMD Big Navi (Radeon 6xxx).

v3.2.1 / release 10.02.21
Autolykos performance improvements for AMD, 1-5% depending on GPU. Updated AMD devices detection code for windows.

v3.2.0 / release 05.02.21
Added Autolykos algorithm support for Ergo coin. Fee is 5%. Needs at least 3 GB GPU. Hashrates on stock settings: Nvidia 3070: 143 MH/s Nvidia 3060 ti: 142 MH/s Nvidia 1060: 33 MH/s AMD RX 5700: 81 MH/s AMD RX Vega 64: 80 MH/s AMD RX 580: 42 MH/s

Pool hashrate can be slightly less on not so powerful GPUs due to data generation on every block. Example of a simplest config.ini file for mining Ergo on Nanopool:


Also fixed issue with disabling web interface by setting webPort option to zero.

v3.1.5 / release 11.01.21
Updated AMD Navi GPU Ethash kernels, new performance tuning applied. AMD Radeon VII and Navi GPUs now have temperature, power and fan reported on Windows too.

v3.1.4 / release 10.12.20
Fixed detecting 0 Nvidia devices in case NVML fails with latest Nvidia driver (issue #117). Fixed stability issue with AMD RX 5700 mining Ethash in Linux (issue #64).

v3.1.3 / release 04.12.20
Performance improvements for Octopus and Ethash algorithms on Nvidia GPUs.

Ethash improvements: +1.7% on Turing (16xx, 20xx), +0.5% on Ampere (30xx).

Octopus improvements: +4% on Turing (16xx, 20xx), +2% on Ampere (30xx).

v3.1.2 / release 27.11.20
Octopus algorithm (Conflux) performance improvements for Nvidia GPUs:

  • +1% performance improvement on Pascal arch (10xx);
  • +10% performance improvement on Turing arch (16xx, 20xx);
  • +1.5% performance improvement on Ampere arch (30xx). Nicehash support was added for Octopus algorithm.

v3.1.1 / release 20.11.20
Some bugfixes: Fixed running VerusHash on Windows. Smarter auto update feature behaviour. It now downloads regular package if updating regular package and downloads cuda11 package if updating cuda11 package. Use autoUpdate option to enable auto update feature.

v3.1.0 / release 20.11.20
Performance improvements of Octopus algorithm (Conflux) on Nvidia GPUs, approximately

  • +4% on 10xx series,
  • +18% on 16xx and 20xx series,
  • +24% on 30xx series. Added initial support for new AMD RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT GPUs on Ethash and KawPoW algorithms. Added Verushash algorithm for VerusCoin support on CPUs with PCLMUL, AES and AVX hardware instructions supported.

v3.0.1 / release 19.11.20
Use Nanopool’s Conflux pools by default. Minimum config.ini file for Conflux mining on Nanopool now looks like this:

wallet = 0x1fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
coin = CFX

Added dagSer option to serialize DAG generation on Octopus, Ethash and KawPoW algorithms. This is a workaround for some hardware specific issues, disabled by default.

v3.0.0 / release 16.11.20
Added support for Nvidia 30xx series of GPUs, use cuda11 version of package for them. Octopus (Conflux) performance is 38 MH/s on stock 3070. Ethash and KawPoW algorithms are now supported too on Nvidia 30xx. 8% performance increase on Nvidia 10xx series GPUs on Octopus algorithm.

v1.13.1 / release 14.11.20
Significantly improved performance of octopus (Conflux) algorithm on Nvidia: +96% up to 4.5 MH/s on stock p106, +139% up to 22.7 MH/s on stock 2060. Nvidia 30xx GPUs will be supported soon.

*Update: Added missed nvrtc64_111_0.dll in windows package. RavenCoin mining may be broken on windows in this release.

v1.13.0 / release 06.11.20
Added support for Conflux Network’s Octopus algorithm on Nvidia GPUs: 2.3 MH/s on stock 1060, p106 6.5 MH/s on stock 1080 ti Dev fee is only 2% for Octopus. Both pool mining and solo mining with node are supported.

Example of config file for pool mining:

wallet = 0x1bebf6e224586a4ce22e50faee656176ad155bb9
coin = CFX
rigName = rig1
pool1 =
pool2 =

Example of config file for solo minig:

; Wallet is setup in node for solo mining, it does not matter here.

v1.12.0 / release 30.10.20
**First known GPU miner to support upcoming Ethereum Classic's EtcHash algorithm.**
Switching ETC mining from Ethash to EtcHash is hardcoded on epoch 390 (current ETC epoch is 383).
No special changes in config is necessary, minimal config for ETC is the following:
wallet = 0x9eab4b0fc468a7f5d46228bf5a76cb52370d068d
coin = ETC

Mining on Mordor ETC EtcHash testnet is possible too with the config like this:

; Wallet is set up in node, it doesn't matter what you write here.
; IP and port of your Mordor node.

v1.11.0 / release 30.09.20
Removed dev fee for RandomHash2 (Pascal coin) algorithm. Mining Pascal is now free. Added countDevShares config file option to control if dev reward shares are reflected in miner statistics or not.

v1.10.1 / release 20.08.20
Nvidia KawPoW (Ravencoin) improvements: better hashrate, less memory consumption.